Free event, by invitation only. Limited to 10 people. 

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Monthly Healing

Created in 2016, the Healing Power of Champagne events gather women to share and celebrate, one glass of Champagne at a time. 

In France, classy ladies from Versailles used to spend some private time in Boudoirs to discuss personal matters and intrigues among themselves...Keeping in mind this long-lasting history of French women I am hosting The Healing Power of Champagne events at my beautiful home on the Venice Canals. 

My dream deck overlooking the peaceful Canals is the perfect place for secrets, discussions, laughs, ideas and healing each other one glass of Champagne at the time! We will talk about love, chakras, meditation, or life changes...etc... whatever will come naturally to us that day, my hope is that we'll share our authentic self, and help each other! 



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